Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oliver + s Popover sundress (for dolls)

I whipped this up tonight, SO simple, and adorable.  It actually took me more time to iron the bias for the ties than to make the whole dress.  I LOVE this pattern, I think I'll make a few more when I get some more fabric.  This pattern is SO easy I think just about anyone could sew it.  I like it better than the LJ drawstring dress.  Anyway, I got the link to the pattern from Dynamite Threads blog and the pattern is called the Popover doll dress free pattern there is a girl version too.  I'd like to make that for my DD, but I need to get some more fabric first.  It fits Mattel Samantha nicely but it was a little tight pulling it up over her bum.

I just used fabric I had on hand from the Heritage 30's dress I made a few months ago.  Some white on white print, and a spot of lace from the swap dress I did recently.  I was losing good light fast because I got it done right at dusk, so I might try to get better pics tomorrow.  I was thinking it didn't look very summery, more like Christmas, but after I was finished, I think I like the colors.  I wanted red white and blue, but I didn't have any suitable blue fabric.  Of course Samantha's poor hair looks a hot mess!  I just quick grabbed her up, changed her clothes and ran outside to get pics...sheesh poor thing.   Next time I'll try to make sure her hair is combed at least.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Liberty Jane freebie, Drawstring dress

This is a SUPER simple project, cute and easy.  I thought this would be a good first try for my daughter to sew herself.  It's all pretty easy except for the binding around the sleeve holes and the ironing of said binding.  Neither of those things she could do by herself as she's only 7.  The other problem we had was that she had decided on this pretty blue *sheer* fabric that I had in my stash, which then obviously would need to be lined.  SO the dress turned quite a bit shorter because of the extra bit of folding over we had to do on the hem and neck line.  I just used plain white ribbon for the drawstrings...I'm not that fond of ironing.  I think she enjoyed it, but got bored w/ it after a while and went and watched TV.  It's cute but not my favorite pattern.