Monday, October 17, 2011

Cinderella costume

Well I entered the costume swap on one of my favorite forums, because I LOVE Halloween and I love to see all the AMAZING creations that everyone comes up with.   I was sent my swap partner's questionnaire and read through it.  She had three dream costumes that she listed as choices of what type of costume she would like.   Cinderella was one of them.  I don't have a pattern for Cinderella's dress so I made one.  This is actually pictures of the second attempt.   The first one just was not good enough in my opinion.  This one turned out MUCH nicer.  I had a hell of a time w/ those peplums I wanted it to drape just right.  It's still not like I wanted it but much closer than the first attempt.

The skirt and the bodice are fully lined, this presented a problem w/ the first skirt.  I have a bit of gathered tulle as you can see to add a sort of crinoline.  With the first skirt the tulle went all the way to the top, and was sewn into the waist band, there was such a bulk of  fabric that I broke my sewing machine needle on the first try.  I did manage to get it sewn through, w/ some effort.  So on this version to help get rid of the bulk, or at least minimize it I just made the crinoline shorter and sewed it to the skirt lining.

This is the inside of the skirt looking in from the waist band.

A closer look at the bodice, too bad it got a little blurry.
the inside of the bodice completely lined.  OH! that pointed yolk(is that what it's called?) sure gave me fits.  On the first version I couldn't figure out HOW to so it from the inside so it would turn back out and look nice and smooth.  On this one I figured it out and it looks SO much nicer.

Side view
Back view, it looks so wrinkly in this picture..Argh!
It turned out so much better than I thought it would.  I made the little blue headband to go w/ it.  The satin is actually glittery but you can't tell in the pics.  I looked through hoards of Cinderella pics on the web, and hit was a pretty close representation of it.  It looks so nice on my #49 it was hard to give it up, but it looks really nice on my swap partner's Kanani doll too.  The outfit I received is AMAZING too.  I'll post pics of that too in a few days.